Tips for Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

Top 3 Mistakes to avoid when choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop
what your Insurance Company won't tell you

MISTAKE  #1 - Let your insurance company choose your Auto Body Shop
Many insurance companies mislead or pressure their insured's into choosing a repair shop that serves the best interests of the insurance company
and not your best  interests. What your  insurance company won't tell you is that  it is your choice by law to choose any repair facility of your choice  regardless of being on their list or not.

ln an effort  to steer you to a specific  repair shop, your  insurance  company  may use the  following  tactic:
Advise you that delays inherent in the repair process will be avoided if you take your vehicle to their preferred shop.

Your  insurance company won't tell you most delays in the repair process are due to parts and their availability. 

Here at Royal Motor Sales we stock over 1.5 million parts on site to help eliminate those delays.

They will say that you will incur additional out of pocket expenses if you choose to use an independent repair facility which is not on their referral list.

Here at Royal Motor Sales we work with Insurance companies on behalf of our customers to ensure there are no additional charges unless they are ok?d by the customer.

They will promise you that if you take your car to a shop on their list they will guarantee the repairs.

What they won?t tell you is that Royal Motor Sales guarantees all the repairs as long as you own your own vehicle.

MISTAKE #2 - Choosinq  a body  shop that is not factory certified
What your insurance company won't  tell you  is that your car could be a "guinea  pig" for  their preferred shop because they have never worked  on
your make and model before.

No other  repair  facility  in the bay area knows more about your Audi, VW, Volvo or Mazda  than Royal Motor Sales Does. With our factory  trained technicians  and huge Original Equipment parts inventory Royal Motor Sales will repair your car right the first time.

MISTAKE  #3 - Use Counterfeit Replacement  Parts
Counterfeit  automotive  parts are a $12 billion dollar business. These parts are made with lower tolerances and quality that are often not visible to the human eye - but can affect safety and resale value of your vehicle. What your insurance company won't tell you is that their preferred body shops
are required by the insurance company  to use a certain percentage of these counterfeit parts in order to stay on their preferred  list.